Traveling to Costa Rica – Places to Stay and Things You Can Do


Today, I wanted to share with you a magnificent place to travel. If you are from North America, you’ll notice that it is just a short trip to this incredible destination. The amount of biodiversity located in such a small area is unprecedented.  Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty and sustainable tourism.

There are several options to choose from in terms of places to stay within Costa Rica. I would recommend looking for some deals on a budget travel site. Sometimes if you book with them, they can get some amazing rates primarily because they block out parts of the hotel or inn for the potential guests.  Arenal Springs Resort is a place you won’t want to miss. Located below the famous Arenal Volcano, the views of this landmark are spectacular.  If you decide to stay near the coast for some time during your trip, check out the Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort. There are only a limited amount of rooms available (38 to be exact) so you’ll definitely want to plan ahead to ensure you get the one you want.

Looking for things to do? Usually, the first thing I want to look for once arriving at a destination is to find out what are the best things to do. Costa Rica is loaded with activities and attractions that won’t bore you anytime soon. Check out this video below that talks about some of the options available to you:


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